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Here are excerpts from notes of gratitude I have received from clients over the years.
- Allison

Just a quick note to send you photocopies of our green cards (here already!!) and to say again how much I appreciate the excellent work you did for us and for your patience.

All the best in the future,

Four years ago today I arrived in New York.  A dream come true.  I want you to know that I’m forever grateful for the work you did then and the friendship and support you’ve offered since.

Thank you for being the calm in the storm, I am now safely home.

Just a note to say thank you for all you have done for us, for the Peace and Joy we feel right now.  We will always be grateful to you.  Our green cards came in the mail last week.  Thanks once again for doing all you could to make this dream come through.

P and family    
Thank you so much for all your patience and help.  You were great!  Finally got my Greencard in the mail!!!


This is just to say thank you for all your considerate advice and help in my visa-situation.  Hope all is fine with you and your family.


First I would like to say thank you for your brilliant work.  You are the first lawyer that I have met here that I trust.  It has just started to dawn upon me that I now actually have a greencard…


Thank you!  You’re efficient!!


Wow, what a wonderful day for me, and for YOU too!  I hope you are proud of yourself for accomplishing such a great feat.

I could not have done it without you, so thank you so much again for everything.  You have always been so steadfast and committed, and I can see your heart is in your work and with me.  I feel very lucky to have you as my lawyer…

I wanted to write and thank-you for your help that day at Immigration.  You were patient and pleasant, and it really helped calm Michael and I talking to you all day.  Which I am sure helped me seem more relaxed when we went for the “interview”.

Thanks again,
D and M

I’d like to thank you for the work you’ve done for me with my legalization – the basis of my life right now.  I admire you as a competent, intelligent lawyer, yet an approachable, kind-hearted, intellectual person and a successful young woman, moreover, the mother of two!  Keep up like this, be healthy and happy.

With best regards,

I hope this note finds you well as the autumnal season finally gives way to frost.

Both Geraldine and I are so very pleased with the conclusion of our case.  It may seem a simple matter with a foregone conclusion but when so much hangs in the balance one can never be too self-assured.  And so we both thank you very much for your stewardship of our case, your style and grace (and of course expertise) was a shining beacon.
All the best,
T and G

And then there was much joy and relief and celebration when the all powerful Embassy, in a far off land, did say “Yes, my son, you may enter the land of the free and do so freely”. And there was even more popping of corks and drinking of wine and beaming of smiles.  And quite a few glasses were raised in heartfelt salute to a true lady in New York known as Allison Spitz-Perry.

And on a more serious note, thank you for your help and guidance.  It all went very smoothly and Chris is greatly relieved.  We both appreciated the detailed pack you sent, your ongoing e-mails, answers and support.
Thank you.
What a relief!!!!!!

Thank you so much for all your efforts to secure our “green cards”.  We got top marks from both the doctor (assigned by the embassy) and from the US Embassy itself for having all the right jabs, all the right photos and all the right papers.  This limited the time we had to spend waiting which, with two jet-lagged children, was a Godsend.

 I know how burocratic the procedures are and we do appreciate all your diligence.
 Thanks again,
OC and family
U.S. Residents

Just wanted to wish you and your family a Happy July 4th, and to let you know that I think about you often.  I will always be grateful for everything you did for me.  My life has changed in such a wonderful way, because of you.

Have a beautiful summer.